Forum added, Search and More!

Hello fellow traders and money makers alike! This is a quick news update for the website as we are not midway through August.

As you may know, we recently rebranded the site from Mr Binary Option to Forex Trader HQ to reflect the ever changing investment industry. Many of the top Binary Option brokers are now moving over to Forex as it has such a wider scope than Options. What makes this exciting is that Forex, in general, is better regulated so we will hopefully see less rouge brokers. This is also an exciting time for Trade Robots too – many have already adopted Forex and CFD trading to compliment their Binary Options algorithms (check out HB Swiss if you want to get a jump start on Forex robots!).

With all that said, we have been working hard over the past couple of weeks to update the website. This is not only to update everything so it works nicely on the new domain, but also we have given the place a tidy up. We went through every page and made some tweaks to make everything look just that bit nicer on the eyes.

As far as new features go, we have added a really fancy search engine to the broker and robots pages. Instead of trawling through our review pages, you can now simply type in the name of the broker or robot you want to find – simple!

We have also added a Forum. This was highly requested by some of our readers to give them a platform to discuss Forex and Binary Options. It is a great place to ask us questions too! Although we review many products, there are many we have still yet to review. So if you find yourself wondering “Is this a scam?” why not head on over the forum and ask! We will take a look into it for you and provide our expert opinion.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy all of these new features and happy trading!

Forex Trader HQ
Forex Trader HQ
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