Binary Options Robot Review - Is It A Scam?

With such a plethora of binary options robots on the market these days it can be difficult to separate the good ones from the scams. Scams, as we know, are just designed to take your money and run. They tend to be short lived as they are exposed as scams very quickly. Binary Option Robot on the other hand has been around and operating for a number of years now, so is it still relevant today? Is it a scam or is it a legit robot? Let’s find out.

Binary Options Robot Details

Robot NameBinary Options Robot
Support OptionsEmail, Live Chat
Success Rate85%
Free AccountOpen Free Account
Deposit and WithdrawalCredit and Debit cards, Wire Transfer

Binary Options Robot – Background

This system has been around for a number of years now and has become established as a leader in the field. I personally came across Binary Options Robot about a year ago and was intrigued by the positive buzz surrounding it. It was clear that they were doing something right and it was great to see the hype was real. This was one of the first systems I invested my time in and to this day it still gets great returns. If you want to just try out one system, make sure it is this one due to how powerful it is.

Binary Options Robot – The Platform

The platform itself is extremely comprehensive whilst also being very friendly to newcomers. There are various options that can be adjusted to suit your needs, but the main powerful feature is the automation. This is backed by a unique algorithm that calculates probabilities according to the current market conditions and any parameters set in the dashboard. On average this gets a success rate of between 70% to 75% which can increase depending on your settings. This success rate may seem a bit lower than other robots, but it is entirely stable and allows for minimal risk taking.

This is all backed by a huge range of brokers. You are free to choose from any of the brokers listed, which is yet another great feature of Binary Options Robot. This gives you the ability to chose a broker that suits you best and there are many reputable ones on offer here. Another advantage of this is the ability to chose a broker that supports your preferred payment method – a great help if you are using e-wallets.

binaryoptionsrobotIs Binary Options Robot A Scam?

Most scams rely on the fact that the trader may be new to binary options and not understand fully what is going on. They will try to pull the wool over traders eyes so you never get the full picture as to what is happening with your money. Quite the opposite can be said with Binary Options Robot. It is a very transparent system which allows you to choose options at every stage. You can start be choosing the trading system, Martingale, Fibonacci and the standard Classic, then you get the choice of binary signal source. Once this is done, the system will work away happily on its own, or you can trade manually based on its suggestions. Binary Option Robot provides traders with lots of educational materials to help traders learn as they go.

It is clear that a lot of effort has gone into making this system completely transparent and that is definitely the signature of a legitimate robot. It is made very clear from the off that you can chose your broker and the risk level you want to run at. Whether you want to trade autonomously or manually is also in your control, so you are not force to accept the signals it suggests. There are all hallmarks of a great system and traders feedback has been excellent on the whole.

Our Verdict: Binary Option Robot is NOT a scam

Getting Started With Binary Option Robot

As with the rest of the system, getting started is really easy and fast. The system itself is free of charge. The initial deposit is capital you will use for trading and not a payment for the system.

Step 1
Open Free Account
The first step is easy, open an account. This is completely free and allows you to explore the training that is provided
Step 2
Connect To Broker
Next you just need to choose your broker. There are many brokers to choose from and you just need to make the initial deposit – remember this is your trading capital.
Step 3
Trade and Profit
Simply set the options you wish to use and start trading on autopilot.

binary options robot


In conclusion, we can clearly see that Binary Option Robot is a great choice for traders of all skill levels. The inclusion of both an automated and manual system is great and the amount of transparency provided provides us with a lot of confidence in the system. We can safely say that this is not a scam and is indeed a genuine system. This is also backed up by trader feedback as well as verified profits.

The customer support was also brilliant, available 24/7 for all needs. Add that to the education centre and you have a winning combination that really is one of the best, and longest operating, systems in the industry to date. Binary Option Robot gets our seal of approval.

Rating: 4.7.

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